Drop Camps

Mike and Maddie first experienced drop camps while hunting elk on public land in Colorado, USA. They realised there is nothing quite like it in New Zealand and subsequently established exclusive drop camp options for their hunters in mid-2020.

Real Kiwi Hunting offers one of the only self-guided drop camp options on private and public land in New Zealand. You may be asking yourself “what is a drop camp?”. The term drop camp (more commonly referred to as fly or spike camp) is typically a canvas wall tent an outfitter has set up in a game rich hunting area and made available for hunters to use for self-guided DIY hunts. Our drop camps are designed to take the guesswork out of the “where do I even start?” for DIY hunts in New Zealand. Drop camps are a quarter of the price of guided hunts and a great challenge for the experienced hunter. While these areas have an abundance of big game, that does not guarantee you a successful hunt. Being an experienced hunter is essential, as wild game are exactly that – wild! You will be left to your own devices for the entire trip duration. We highly recommend spike camping away from base camp to cover more ground and increase your success rate. The success of the trip is solely based on your hunting abilities.

If you are up to the challenge and extra work, drop camps are a great option for the experienced hunter on a budget. We have drop camp options available for both private and public land. Mike’s knowledge of hunting New Zealand’s public land is second to none, so our public land drop camps are guaranteed to reside in proven hunting areas. Private land drop camps not only offer a genuine canvas wall tent experience, but also the option of hunting from a hut/cabin or lodge.

Drop camp hunters should be confident in navigating/hunting in the back country on their own. Additionally, drop camp hunters need to bring their own gear and supply/cook their own meals. Canvas wall tent drop camps on public and private land come equipped with a wood burner fire. The hut/cabin or lodge drop camp option on private land is designed to be fully functional. However, there is no shower or toilet in the hut/cabin. Hunters are still required to bring their own gear and supply/cook their own meals. Bed cots/stretchers, chairs, table, pots, pans and cooking/eating utensils are available for hire if you do not wish to supply your own.

If drop camps are out of your budget, we also hire canvas wall tents, wood burner fires, regular 1 – 3 man tents and camping equipment. This is the perfect option for ballot blocks, white baiting base camps or cook tents and camping. If you’re traveling from overseas and don’t want the hassle of bringing camping gear, this may be the option for you.

Drop Camp Pricing

(private & public land)
4 days | 4 nights
$4,500 per hunter
*Trophy fees apply on certain private land areas. Please discuss this at the time of booking*
  • Canvas wall tent or spike camp
  • 1x trophy animal
  • 1x meat animal
  • Trophy transfers to taxidermist (only from hunting lodge)
  • Taxes (GST)
  • Taxidermy and expediting
  • Airfares
  • Airport transfers from Christchurch Intl. Airport or Queenstown Intl. Airport ($850  each way)
  • Turning, salting and drying $215 per cape
  • Boiling and bleaching $215 per head
  • Camping equipment hire
  • PLB (personal locator beacon) – available for hire
  • Garmin InReach – available for hire
  • Meals and snacks
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Tips/gratuities
  • Lodging upgrades
  • Helicopter fees
  • Length 2.7m, width 2.7m and height 2.1m
  • Total weight: 38kg (including tent, verandah, flooring and poles)
  • Wood burner fire weight: 8kg


  • Additional hunting days, lodging upgrades and trophy add-ons etc. can be added to packages upon request.
  • No vehicles, side by sides or motorbikes allowed on private land – you must walk.
  • Hunters are required to setup their own spike camp if they choose to leave base camp.

Gear Hire

A $575 security bond for all gear hire and canvas wall tent hire is payable prior to pick-up and will be refunded when gear and/or canvas wall tent is returned in a clean and tidy condition.

Client will be liable for full RRP cost of any damaged or lost items.

Pick-up time: by arrangement only.

Return: by arrangement only (a $15 late fee will be charged per day for every day equipment is overdue).

Our hire co-ordinator Maddie can be contacted via email at contact@realkiwihunting.com or +64275067316. Email has the fastest response time, as she typically works out of cell reception.

Please be patient, as this is a new system for us. We welcome constructive feedback while we work through any concerns that may arise.