We specialise in archery hunts, with a 100% shot opportunity on all big game in New Zealand. Mike is an avid bowhunter and understands the trials and tribulations that bowhunting can bring. He also has a 100% shot opportunity guiding public land elk in North America. He is a highly experienced and sought-after archery guide. You are guaranteed to leave us with a world-class New Zealand archery experience.

No permits are required for the importation of archery equipment to New Zealand. We do advise you carry your current hunting/firearms licence from your resident country. Please contact your airline or view their website to confirm archery equipment travel regulations.

Shot distances vary on targeted game species and hunters capabilities. Archery hunters can expect shot distances to range from 15 to 50 yards, with some shots reaching 60 to 70 yards. We strongly recommend practicing shooting out to these distances in diverse terrain and weather conditions to build confidence for in the field.

Unlike archery hunting in North America, it is not common practice to hunt from a tree stand or hunting blind in New Zealand. The preferred method for all big game is to spot and stalk or attract game in with the use of a decoy or game call. Hunting the targeted species during their rutting period provides the greatest advantage for archery hunters and getting in to incredibly close quarters.