Taxidermy & Expediting

We offer a hassle-free trophy transfer to taxidermist service. Our professional guides will field dress your trophies and deliver them to the team at NZ Taxidermy Limited. From there you can decide if you would like them mounted in New Zealand or shipped to your preferred taxidermist in your resident country.

Once trophies are in the capable hands of NZ Taxidermy, all correspondence will be directly through them and yourself – unless there is something we can assist with. Their team will arrange and present all essential documentation at the point of export in New Zealand. We recommend liaising with an import broker/customs clearance agent in your resident country regarding the importation of trophies. NZ Taxidermy can assist you with finding a customs broker if you do not already have one. Taxidermy pricing does not include customs clearance fees and local charges. Any additional charges incurred in the clearance, handling and subsequent delivery within country of residency is payable by you. Shipping cost vary according to crate size.

NZ Taxidermy requires your full name, passport details, email, phone number and address to complete the process.

Trophies will not leave New Zealand until all invoices have been paid to NZ Taxidermy Limited and Real Kiwi Hunting Limited.

NZ Taxidermy Ltd

NZ Taxidermy Limited is a 100% NZ owned and operated business established in early 2019 by professional taxidermist Daniel Van Biljon. Dan worked in the industry for over 10 years prior to founding NZ Taxidermy. He has since solidified his reputation in the hunting and taxidermy industry in New Zealand with his exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail. He is renowned for his lifelike mounts and habitats.

We are incredibly passionate about who we choose to complete taxidermy work for our hunters, as this reflects on your hunt with us. The mount should be something that encapsulates the memories of your hunt in New Zealand and a piece of artwork to enjoy in your home for years to come.
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Taking Meat Home

Most countries will allow you to bring meat home due to our wild game animals not being listed on the Appendices of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES). No documentation is required under New Zealand’s Trade in Endangered Species Act 1989 to export any farmed or hunted trophies, meat, skins, antlers, fur and all parts and derivatives from our wild game species. New Zealand wild game does not carry any foreign pests or diseases. You can take the meat home with you but we cannot ship the meat.

Our professional guides will clean and trim the meat once back at camp. From there they will take the meat to a licenced butcher for correct processing, wrapping and labelling. We then collect the packaged meat and keep it frozen for you until your departure. The main cargo hold in a plane is not heated, so correct wrapping and being inside a cooler maintains a cold temperature and prevents leakage.

You will need to fill out some documentation and pre-purchase extra checked baggage for up to 50lb per cooler if you plan to bring meat home with you. You will also need to bring a cooler with you or buy one in New Zealand. You will need to declare your meat on arrival when entering the U.S.

Please visit the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and complete the documentation if you plan on taking your meat home with you.

Australians Only

We do not recommend traveling with your trophy, as biosecurity and customs can be unpredictable. Traveling with your trophy is at your own risk! Real Kiwi Hunting Limited will not be held accountable for any loss of trophies or fees incurred.

If you plan to take your trophy and/or trophies home with you on the plane to Australia, please allow enough time to boil the skull, bleach the skull, salt the skin and dry the skin. The lips and ears must to be turned and there is to be no moisture left in the skin.

You will require an Export Certificate to travel with the trophy. Please print and fill out the Export Certificate once you have booked flights, as your flight details are required. You will need to bring the original copy of the completed Export Certificate and Non-CITES Declaration with you to New Zealand, as well as $50 NZD cash to collect your certificate from the Christchurch or Queenstown Ministry of Primary Industries office. They do not take EFTPOS. Please have the Export Certificate completed and emailed to no less than 14 days prior to your arrival in New Zealand. Be clear in your email if you will collect the certificate direct from the Christchurch MPI office or require the certificate to be mailed to the Queenstown MPI office for collection. Your departing airport will dictate collection location.

  1. Export Certificate (Supplier Declaration for Personal Game Trophies) $50 NZD cash
  2. Non-CITES Declaration

Both the Health Certificate and Non-CITES Declaration can be downloaded in PDF format below under quick links.

Quick Links

Health Certificate PDF can be downloaded here

Non-CITIES Declaration PDF can be downloaded here

Queenstown Airport Biosecurity (MPI)
1 Sir Henry Wigley Drive, Frankton, Wakatipu, Queenstown 9300
PO Box 2301
Phone: 0800 222 018

Christchurch International Airport Biosecurity (MPI)
14 Sir William Pickering Drive, Burnside, Christchurch 8053
Phone: 0800 222 018