Why Choose Us?

Real Kiwi Hunting is a small family owned outfit, which ensures their focus is entirely on you! They tailor the hunt to suit you and their packages are all-inclusive, so there’s no surprises. Real Kiwi Hunting is a proud member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association and associate members of the New Zealand Tourism Association. They have exclusive access to several premier private land hunting areas and hold a Department of Conservation approved concession to hunt public land wilderness areas.

Their specialty is ethical free-range spot and stalk hunting with a 100% shot opportunity on all big game. Real Kiwi Hunting has public liability insurance, an audited health and safety plan and all guides are trained in first aid. Mike and Maddie work incredibly hard to provide their hunters and non-hunters with exceptional experiences and world-class trophies!

About Us

Real Kiwi Hunting is a small family owned business founded in early 2015 by New Zealand hunting outfitter and professional hunting guide Mike Biemond. Real Kiwi Hunting has since solidified their reputation in the hunting and outdoor industry as one of New Zealand’s leading free-range hunting outfitters. Real Kiwi Hunting specialises in accommodating small groups of 1 – 6 international hunters and non-hunters.

Mike and partner Maddie are passionate hunters, conservationists and avid outdoors people. Their specialty is genuine spot and stalk style free-range hunting with a 100% shot opportunity on all big game species for bow, rifle and muzzleloader hunters worldwide. Real Kiwi Hunting has a return hunter rate of over 30% every season – a true testament to their successes.


Mike Biemond


Mike was born and raised in Central Otago, New Zealand. His passion for hunting and the outdoors started at a young age and inevitably became his life. Mike worked extensively in the pest control industry hunting and trapping for the Department of Conservation in New Zealand for many years. He later began networking with likeminded hunters and subsequently established Real Kiwi Hunting in early 2015.

Mike has since gained a wealth of knowledge in the industry and spent his lifetime building personal relationships with private landowners to provide you exclusive access to New Zealand’s premier free-range and estate hunting areas. Mike is trained in first aid and a registered professional hunting guide – certified through the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association. He is a highly experienced guide and guaranteed to provide you with a world-class New Zealand hunting experience.


Madeline Brennan


Maddie was born and raised in South Australia. Her love for hunting and the outdoors also started at a young age growing up on her family farm and hunting with her father. Maddie loves cooking wild game and is renowned for her hospitality. She is trained in first aid and an SCI Master Measurer. Since meeting in 2016, Mike and Maddie have guided together in North America, Australia and New Zealand. They follow the hunting seasons and travel between New Zealand and North American to guide every year.

Maddie is an avid hunter and outdoors-woman. Mike and Maddie welcomed their baby girl Camila in January 2020. As well as being a full-time mum, Maddie works tirelessly behind the scenes running two businesses, booking hunters, marketing and overseeing daily operations. She is also a part-time hunting guide and the primary guide for the non-hunter/tourism operation.